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My name is Bakir Junaideen and I am a web and graphic designer from Vancouver, British Columbia. As the founder and principal of the Black Mango Media design studio, I integrate the foundations of art, logic, and aesthetics to produce sophisticated and exciting interfaces. I also specialize in creating distinctive visual identity systems for up-and-coming or small businesses, artists, photographers, writers, and creatives.

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Balancing Budget
Timeframe & Scope
I will work with you to fully understand, research and plan your project so that I can allocate resources to perfectly fit your scope and timeframe while maximizing your budget
– Benefit from a Dynamic, Creative & Proactive Designer
I am a small operation, which means I can react to developments on the Internet quickly so you can be sure you will always enjoy cutting-edge solutions. Choose from any services you want and ignore the rest—or make full of use of my expertise by involving me in your entire web project.
User-friendly Design
With a focus on the user
With a focus on the user and business-friendly design, I apply my expertise in graphic design, interactive content design, responsive design, CMS and WordPress customization to create stylish and professional work.
Brilliant Design with you Mind
One Pixel at a Time
I use web standards (HTML 5, CSS3, Jquery) in all of my projects and open source solutions if appropriate.Also, I apply latest user experience design tools and standards.
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Video and gallery post

Video and gallery post

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